Tv Drama “Hotel Del Luna” To Be Released This Week Through Netflix


In this version of Beauty and the Beast, it is the Beauty who got cursed. Credit: Youtube.8.The ending explained and the possibility of a second season

The younger sister Mi-ran also said in the same interview that the fate of the two characters were decided even from the start.

“Jang Man-wol was bound to leave while Gu Chan-seong was set to see her off. The relationship of the two was decided in that way from the beginning. The ending scene needed heavy CGI technology, so we finished writing the scripts for the scene a month before the final episode was due to air.”

The elder sister Jung-eun added, “The purpose of the hotel is comforting the souls of the deceased so that they move on to afterlife. Jang had to leave the hotel and that was the premise of the drama series when we created it in the first place. All the hotel employees could leave the hotel and move on to their next life with pleasure because their pain in this life have vanished.”

Furthermore, the Hong sisters thought Man-wol walking on the Yudo Bridge in style and Chan-seong watching her walk away was a suitable ending for the two characters.

The possibility of a second season?

Meanwhile in the epilogue, actor Kim Soo-hyun showed up as a cameo. He is the new owner of Hotel del Luna but with different look and name called Hotel Blue Moon.

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This scene gives up to viewers that there might be a second season of the drama.

However, the sisters stressed that they do not have a detailed plan for a second season yet. The epilogue is added to give viewers the impression that the place for ghosts would remain.

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Besides, a representative from tvN announced that it is difficult for them to give an answer on whether there will be second season or not because the staff have never discussed the possibility of a second season.

9.The conflicts behind the production team

In July 2019, a staff member of Human Art, the company working on the set of tvN’s Encounter and Hotel del Luna claimed that they have not been paid for over eight months.

After reporting about the issue to Ministry of Employment and Labour (MOEL), the CEO of Human Art allegedly threatened the staff members by delaying the payment even longer.

In response to the conflict, tvN stated the production company had completed their payment to the set team. It was the set team (Human Art) that did not pay their employees.

10.Was the role of Jang Man-wol solely written for Lee Ji-eun?

It was revealed that the Hong sisters were only willing to make the series if they could cast IU as Man-wol.

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“Jang is a complex character with many different sides, from being haughty to charismatic to bossy to pathetic. We thought Ji-eun shares those sentiments with Man-wol. All of us including director Oh Choong-hwan, tried our best to coax her into taking the role,” Mi-ran explained.

The sisters had a plan B in case they could not get Ji-eun in portraying Jang Man-wol, by reversing the relationship and making it the story of male hotel owner and a female manager.

Jung-eun further added, “But if we had to that way, we may have lost some of the originality and wouldn’t be able to talk about reversed gender roles between a female boss and employee. So it had to be Ji-eun no matter what.”

What if Jang Man-wol was a man? As a viewer for the show, do you hope there will be a second season? Can you imagine how the story would have gone if they had carried on Tae-joon’s character? Let us know in the comment box.

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