Ngo Thanh Van (Veronica Ngo) To Receive Female Star Of The Year At Cineasia 2019

“I also wanted to prove that anything a man can do, a woman can do too. In both life and work, I don’t like using terms ‘phai manh’ (stronger gender, or male) and ‘phai yeu’ (weaker gender, or female) because no one is weak,” says Ngo Thanh Van.

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Hanoi (VNA) – Producer, actress Ngo Thanh Van (Veronica Ngo) calls herself a workaholic who wants to bring Vietnamese films to the world. Because of that, the talented actress has become a “tough chick” in the eyes of her co-workers.

“At the company or on the set, many people still call me ‘Ngo Thi Hanh’ (‘Hanh’ means to bedevil),” Van said.

Van has not only a strong passion but also great ambition for cinema with clever thinking.

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That’s not the reason…

“Has the action star become… tired?”

Reporter: You said that “Hai Phuong” (Furie, directed by Le Van Kiet) will be the last action movie you starred in the leading role. Is it because you’ve got tired of fighting scenes?

Ngo Thanh Van: That’s not the reason. If I’m tired, I will take a break to recharge my battery. It’s also not because I’m afraid that my image as an action actress is becoming old and boring.

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In fact, I want to focus my energy on the role of a film producer.

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After a stressful time at work, I’m still a woman with many feminine hobbies like shopping. Though I have quite a good physical health of an “action” actress, but sometimes, I wished to be stronger like a man so that I can do more things…It is just a wish, I still love myself at the present: strong, firm and bold at work but also flexible in daily life.Reporter: Thank you for your time!

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