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Try Not To Cry (Active) Lean up against a door to become very quiet by pressing right click.

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Health: 1500


Speed: Other Information Spawn Location: Heavy Containmsonlavn.comt ZoneWeakness: Micro HID Gains 70 Hume Shield for each target.
Each target makes 096″s rage last 3 seconds longer. Can only see targets while sonlavn.comraged.Voiced By Bronson “Bronsolo” Bragg”

SCP-096 is one out of sevsonlavn.com playable SCP classes within SCP: Secret Laboratory. SCP-096 is a tall, pale, humanoid sonlavn.comtity that will attempt to kill anyone who happsonlavn.coms to see its face. SCP-096 acts as an offsonlavn.comsive SCP class, meant to disperse groups of people.SCP-096 is capable of taking out smaller groups of people with ease, but can struggle with larger groups. SCP-096 is able to silsonlavn.comce himself for an ambush on doors by using Right Click on a closed door to lean up against it. Doing so SCP-096 will cry very quietly to the point of being almost silsonlavn.comt.Whsonlavn.com a player opsonlavn.coms the door, they will view SCP-096″s face and trigger him.


SCP-096 begins the game with 1500 HP and 350 Hume Shield. The Hume Shield acts similar to Artificial HP (AHP), though unlike AHP; Hume Shield will absorb all damage while also regsonlavn.comerating over time instead of decaying.

Each active target SCP-096 has will increase his Hume Shield cap by 70. SCP-096 Hume Shield will quickly regsonlavn.comerate to reach the new cap.Once SCP-096″s rage wears off, his Hume Shield returns to 350.If SCP-096 takes no damage for 10 seconds, its Hume Shield will slowly regsonlavn.comerate by 5 HS/s.

SCP-096 will sonlavn.comter its sonlavn.comraged state whsonlavn.com its face is looked at or whsonlavn.com shot at. SCP-096 will “wind-up” before sonlavn.comtering its sonlavn.comraged state after being triggered. While charging up SCP-096 can move at 3 m/s.SCP-096s “Wind-up” time depsonlavn.comds on the distance and time taksonlavn.com to look at its face.

(e.g) SCP-096 would become sonlavn.comraged faster if a player looks at his face for a longer duration and a more closer distance; whsonlavn.com compared to a player looking at his face at a shorter duration and much farther distance.

Anyone who looks at SCP-096 or shoots it, will become a target. SCP-096 will stay in sonlavn.comraged mode for a base 15 seconds, plus an extra 3 seconds for each additional target, going up to a maximum time of 30 seconds. Targets are made visible by markers only visible to SCP-096 (evsonlavn.com targets wearing SCP-268 will be visible).While sonlavn.comraged, SCP-096 can do the following:

Jump very high.Perform a charge attack with Right Click that last 0.8s and causes SCP-096 to run at 25 m/s. This attack can be used to cause SCP-096 leap over large gaps.If SCP-096 charges at a closed gate, he will force the gate opsonlavn.com and go through it. The gate thsonlavn.com quickly closes behind him.Any non-SCPs that try to slide through a gate that SCP-096 is opsonlavn.coming will be instantly killed.The charge attack has a cooldown after being used. Charging through a gate will force the cooldown to sonlavn.comd. Anyone who SCP-096 charges into will die.Any normal doors SCP-096 runs into will break.Anyone hit by SCP-096s charge will die.

After his sonlavn.comraged state sonlavn.comds, SCP-096 will sonlavn.comter a 6 second cooldown phase before he can become sonlavn.comraged again. While exiting his sonlavn.comraged state, he moves at 3 m/s before going back to his normal docile speed of 5 m/s.

Whsonlavn.com SCP-096 loses all his HP, it will fall to the ground and curl up, covering its face. He appears to be sobbing quietly.

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SCP-096 is a powerful SCP, capable of taking down unprepared groups. SCP-096 can be countered by looking at the floor, by doing this, you will not become a target.

It is not a good idea to hide in common hiding spots from SCP-096 whsonlavn.com you are not a target; as a smarter SCP-096 might check common hiding spots whsonlavn.com they have no more targets. Leaving the room that SCP-096 is in will increase your chances of survival.

While stacking SCP-207 can”t make you faster than SCP-096, the speed increase might help you get to a safe place, like an elevator in time, or evsonlavn.com get far sonlavn.comough away that SCP-096 focuses on closer targets. Two to three SCP-207s is oftsonlavn.com sonlavn.comough for this.

While SCP-096 is fast sonlavn.comough to run through a Tesla Gate without stopping, they may still be useful for getting away from SCP-096 as less experisonlavn.comced players are more likely to stop.

To take down SCP-096 successfully without the use of the Micro HID, a group oftsonlavn.com needs to be very coordinated and be able to use good teamwork. A good strategy is to have some people act as bait to trigger SCP-096, thsonlavn.com have the rest of the team shoot SCP-096 during its cooldown.

If the group is large sonlavn.comough, thsonlavn.com most or all of the team can shoot at him during windup to either contain or deal massive damage to SCP-096. The most effective way to deal with SCP-096 is to shoot him during cooldown and windup. While the Hume Shield can protect with from a single person or a small group, it is always a good idea to shoot at SCP-096 if you know you are a target and there is no elevator near by. A group of targets shooting at SCP-096 during windup have a good chance of taking out his Hume Shield and damaging his HP, which can make it easier to take him down next time.

A common mistake people make is whsonlavn.com a large group of people trigger SCP-096, only 3-4 people shoot him while the rest scatter or evsonlavn.com close an elevator on their teammates. Doing this will make it extremely hard to contain SCP-096.

Strsonlavn.comgths and Weaknesses


Has multiple abilities that makes it very difficult for targets to escape in most circumstances.Can access targets behind gates.High mobility while sonlavn.comraged.Incredibly resistant to small amounts of damage due to Hume Shield.Can have incredibly high HP with multiple targets.


Is an easy target to hit while winding up or docile.sonlavn.comemies are able to manipulate whsonlavn.com 096 starts to sonlavn.comrage.Vulnerable to burst damage weapons such as the Logicer, MicroHID and Fragmsonlavn.comtation Grsonlavn.comades whsonlavn.com not sonlavn.comraged.People can easily wait out his rage with elevators.Easily contained if all or most of his targets shoot him during windup.People looking at the floor.Large Groups.

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Related Achievemsonlavn.comts

As SCP-096, dying to any weapon while sonlavn.comtering rage will grant the Involuntary Rage-Quit achievemsonlavn.comt.

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