Bullet Point Review: When The Camellia Blooms (2019), When The Camellia Blooms

Dongbaek is a single mother. When a potential new love enters her life, she finds ways to defy the social stigmas surrounding her.

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Dongbaek, a single mother who runs a bar called Camellia, deals with her neighbors’ opinions, and Hwang Yong-sik meets someone admirable.


Dongbaek and Pil-gu both stand up to bullies — and get help from Yong-sik. While back in town, Kang Jong-ryeol makes a startling discovery.


As gossip seems to be growing, Dongbaek tries to push away Yong-sik, but he gets worried when he finds an unsettling message inside the bar.

Jong-ryeol takes care of Pil-gu in his own way, Yong-sik makes a loud confession to the neighborhood, and No Gyu-tae looks for respect.

Amid the backlash against his feelings for Dongbaek, Yong-sik learns about her past run-in with the serial killer. Gyu-tae crosses a line with his wife.

A long-lost figure Dongbaek never expected to see again reenters her life. Gyu-tae, cornered by Hyang-mi, takes his frustrations to Camellia.

Dongbaek finds resolve. Jong-ryeol heads back to town after a fight with Jessica. Yong-sik investigates the Joker.

The Joker’s new message spooks Dongbaek and sends Yong-sik looking through CCTV footage. Hyang-mi continues to blackmail Gyu-tae.

As Dongbaek packs up Camellia, Yong-sik's investigation turns up something suspicious, and Jong-ryeol delivers an expensive package.

Dongbaek decides she is a changed woman. Yong-sik hears about the Joker's past patterns. Jong-ryeol cries in front of Pil-gu.

When things get out of hand at Pil-gu's baseball game, Yong-sik steps in. Dongbaek stands by Hyang-mi, who is running from something.

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Ahead of leaving Camellia for good, Hyang-mi needs more cash. Yong-sik eyes a suspect. Dongbaek deals with another visit from Jong-ryeol.

Dongbaek is unsure whether Hyang-mi really ran away. Meanwhile, Yong-sik grows increasingly worried as more fires break out.

Dongbaek realizes why Jo Jeong-suk came back to her. Gyu-tae's miserable day gets even worse when Yong-sik comes around to ask about Hyang-mi.

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Kwak Deok-sun remains dead set against Dongbaek's love for Yong-sik. Further truths about Jeong-suk — who's nowhere to be seen — surface.

Jong-ryeol finds out what Jessica did with his car on the night Hyang-mi disappeared. Dongbaek heads out to retrieve her abandoned scooter.

Dongbaek's neighbors form a protection squad around her, while Yong-sik doubles down on the Joker. Pil-gu gets the wrong idea about what's going on.

Pil-gu leaves for Seoul, leaving Dongbaek forlorn. Jeong-suk returns. Yong-sik is certain he's nailed down a culprit, but evidence doesn't match up.

Dongbaek wants to help with Jeong-suk's problem, but she won't listen. Yong-sik isn't finished with the Joker just yet. Jong-ryeol protects his own.

Dongbaek and Yong-sik come to a sinking realization about the Joker, Gyu-tae goes after what he wants, and Jong-ryeol makes peace with Jessica.

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